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Time Sharing

The divorce and family attorneys of Napier and Rollin typically encourage their clients to be flexible with the other parent when changes to the timesharing schedule are reasonably required. It’s the right thing to do. Sometimes a little flexibility goes a long way to build a bridge with the other parent after a break up. It is a very rare circumstance when a parent must withhold a child from another parent to protect the child. Withholding a child risks serious repercussions from the court.

Florida law allows a parent to enforce his or her rights by filing a motion for contempt or enforcement with the court. If the court finds that the other parent willfully violated the time share schedule by withholding a child from the other parent without just cause then the court as a host of remedies to ensure fairness is done. The court can award make up timesharing, attorneys fees and costs, or compel the other parent to perform community service. In serious cases, the court might even make adjustments to modify the parenting plan itself.

If you need to enforce your parental rights, contact the divorce and family law attorneys of Napier & Rollin.

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