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Prioritize These During Divorce

The divorce attorneys at Napier & Rollin can help you get your priorities straight with your divorce proceedings. Courts generally determine issues in a particular order so some issues need to be analyzed in order to determine how other issues may also be decided.

Generally child custody matters are the most important thing to be decided as early as possible in a case so that both parents can have comfort in knowing where their child will be at any given time and when they will be seeing their child. The parent who provided the majority of the care during the marriage will typically need to learn to let go of some of that responsibility while the other parent will have to start doing more than they used to do.

Equitable distribution of the marital estate is the next big topic to tackle. It’s important to consider the tax ramifications of each asset or liability and whether one party or the other should receive the income producing assets. Once the court knows how assets are going to be divided then alimony can be determined; if appropriate, taking into consideration the income produced by both parties’ assets.

The calculation of child support is based upon Florida child support guidelines. After deciding how much time to spend with each parent and when it is in the best interest of the child the rest of the variables fall into place and child support can be calculated according to a formula.

If there are still white disparities and then come our assets. After all the property is distributed and the children are cared for, an award of attorney fees from one spouse to the other, may also be appropriate in some cases. For more information on divorce, contact divorce attorneys, Michelle Napier and Kevin Rollin in Vero Beach.

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