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6 Steps To Find A Good Divorce Lawyer For You

Separating from a spouse is a difficult emotional journey for everyone and divorce proceedings are tricky in nature and the easiest way to get through it is to make sure you find a good divorce lawyer. Most people have no idea of how to go about finding divorce lawyers and “where do I even begin” is a common thought. Maybe you start with asking a friend who got divorced or a worried Google search on “how much does a divorce lawyer cost” and while both will get you at least somewhere, which lawyer or divorce law firm you trust for these tough times is an important decision.

Divorce cases where child custody is a possible issue tend to be more drawn out and exhausting. Under Florida law, all parents and child custody proceedings, whether divorce or paternity, have equal rights and generally Florida courts will not restrict a parent’s rights unless it would be detrimental to the children not to do so. Both parents also start out with equal rights however that does not ensure equal time sharing which is where a divorce law attorney’s role comes in: they can present evidence to the court that will determine the specific timesharing schedule in the best interest of the children. Child custody litigation is one of our expert areas at Napier & Rollin. Our experience has shown us the difficulties our clients face at every step and so our family law attorneys are here to help you with the same.

These are the few steps to finding a good divorce lawyer:

1. Know what you want
Before looking for a divorce lawyer, it is important that as an individual you know where you stand and what you are looking to get out of the divorce. Oftentimes, divorce proceedings can take an unpleasant turn - emotions tend to run high and that can often distract you from the goal.

2. Research and meet potential attorneys
Divorce is often a long and tough journey and your divorce lawyer will be your go-to person which is why it is important to choose them wisely - which firm makes you feel comfortable, whether they are local and hence know your states’ divorce laws, whether they are able to handle your personal situation well and stand up for you and your interests are all factors to keep in mind.

3. Do not ignore the red flags
The last things you need while going through divorce proceedings are people who do not maintain confidentiality or are making promises in order to gain a client. Avoid hiring lawyers who are paying personal attention to your case or do not seem to listen to what your stand in the matter is.

4. Budget and cost of hiring an attorney
Divorce proceedings can turn out to be quite heavy on the pocket of the clients, especially if the cases run too long. For a lot of people divorce becomes a struggle as they are worried about how much a divorce lawyer costs - however, there are a range of people practising divorce law. Additionally, it is more important to understand how the divorce lawyer is charging you and any additional expenses they will press on so there are no surprises later.

5. Child custody consultations
While some divorce cases are straightforward, the ones that involve custody battles can be quite unpleasant. Napier & Rollin attorneys come to help you with a plan - we help create or modify a parenting plan to ensure that school schedules, workload of either parents, and Monday school holidays are well considered. Michelle Napier, our divorce and family law attorney handles cases in Vero Beach and Sebastian Florida while divorce attorney, Kevin Rollin, handles child custody matters in Vero Beach, throughout Indian River County and the Treasure coast - both keep the best interest of the their client and the children with respect to each parent’s normal work schedule so as to determine which parent is in a better position to care for the children.

6. Diverse experience in divorce law
While all lawyers are able to handle divorce cases, it’s important to choose a divorce law firm that specialises in family law and hence has a range of experiences handling cases of the same. This experience is an intangible power that ensures your divorce lawyer knows how to navigate any surprises that come your way.

When it comes to experience in divorce law, Napier & Rollin boasts of years of a set of divorce lawyers who are reliable in their preparation, assertive in their representation, and never fall short of personal attention for their clients.

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