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A photograph of the coastline of Florida by Napier and Rollin PLLC, Attorneys At Law.


Napier & Rollin represents individuals and small businesses in various forms of State Court litigation on an hourly basis. We handle appeals within our areas of practice. Some types of specialty or contingency fee cases such as personal injury and medical malpractice may be referred to our trusted colleagues.

Litigation is by its very nature risky, uncertain, costly, time consuming, and often emotionally taxing. Before commencing litigation a client should gather important information, carefully consider all options, formulate a plan, and then execute that plan diligently. Equal parts patience and persistence are often required to secure victory in litigation.

Some of the types of civil litigation in which Napier & Rollin represents clients are:

  • Business Litigation

  • Breach of Contract

  • Fraud

  • Landlord/Tenant and Evictions

  • Mortgage Foreclosure

  • Real Estate Litigation

  • Title Litigation

  • Enforcement of Employment Agreements

  • Civil Theft

  • Collections

  • Insurance Claims

  • General Civil Litigation

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