Kevin M. Rollin

Kevin M. Rollin has experience representing clients in all stages of litigation, including trials and appeals. He is a practical, diligent, and relentless advocate. Whether in court or acting as a legal counselor, Kevin utilizes a combination of thoughtful preparation, creative problem solving, and steadfast integrity to achieve favorable results for his clients. Kevin’s goal is to empower his clients so that they may take charge and overcome adversity with direction and purpose.

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Hire him. He's the one

Needing a lawyer can be a frightening task. I know; I've needed a few for different situations over the past few years. With Kevin, you will find that you are in good hands. He is always knowledgeable and ready to answer my questions. I hired Kevin in 2009 to represent me in a real estate foreclosure situation which is still an open case; thus a true testament to his strengths of tenacity and keeping my best interests in the forefront. Kevin is on top of which affidavits and motions need to be filed and, just as important, he doesn't miss deadlines with the court. He is easy to talk to, keeps me informed, and offers clear advice. If you are looking for an outstanding attorney, give him a call.


Professional, Understanding and Knowledgeable Communicator

Kevin was an excellent listener and communicator of my thoughts and description of circumstances that surrounded my case. He always made the time to thoroughly listen, understand, review, discuss and prepare, for both filings and trial. Kevin was also sensitive to the cost of litigation and considered cost when developing effective strategy in resolving my case without cutting corners or jeopardizing a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend Kevin Rollin to all of my friends and family.


Highly professional and knowledgeable

Kevin Rollin took on a very complex case which was not a normal real estate transaction. It involved a very prominent lender and had the potential of establishing case law. Kevin handled the case in a knowledgable and professional manner. He was so thorough the lending institution had to add additional legal support. Kevin has a great attitude and is very confident which gave us the stability we needed in this case. We won the case because of his professional manner, outstanding legal knowledge and his ability to follow through. Also Kevin always had time to discuss any of our questions with us and responded to our calls and/or emails immediately no matter what time of the day. Because of the trust we have in Kevin Rollin, we are currently using him in another real estate transaction and will use him again if the need ever arises. We can highly recommend him and the firm he represents.


Kevin Rollin is an excellent lawyer to work with!

Kevin and his team were great to work with. If you are looking for an attorney that is personable, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator Kevin is a great fit. My case in Florida with Kevin was challenging due to the fact I lived out of state almost a 1000 miles away. Thankfully, I found Kevin by luck though reviews and online searches. Throughout the process, Kevin kept me very informed and made sure I was aware of all the steps. His knowledge, professionalism, and guidance proved to be an asset in every situation. Not only is he a very knowledgeable, experienced professional in his field, but he is a kind, compassionate man who genuinely cares about people.



Kevin Rollin is one of the most ethical and moral people I have ever met and that is the way he practices law. He REALLY cares about the best interest of families. He not only advised me as an attorney but for my well-being as well. I believe that in a lot of ways he helped me become a better person and mentored me on how to conduct and compose myself in an effective way.I didn't make things easy for Kevin but he fought for me when no one else did and stood by me every step of the way. I have a tremendous amount of respect and trust for him. I would recommend him to everyone. I am so blessed to have had him represent me. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my case.


Kevin Rollin was awesome!!

Kevin Rollin was the best. He did everything he said he would and more. He was very up front and realistic and kept me grounded through a very rough and chaotic time in my life. I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a family law lawyer.


Successful in winning the case.

Kevin was very knowledge about the law and in regard to domestic violence. He kept me informed throughout the entire process which was beneficial due to the fact I was 3 hours away from where the case was held. He took all the information I provided and he was successful in winning the case.


Smart, Prompt, Honest, Funny!!

Just had an experience with Kevin, who represented me for a small but sensitive and important family law matter. He is honest, trustworthy, prompt, and fair. Probably the most educational hour and forty-five minutes I will have experienced. Grateful and will utilize him for representation in the future, as applicable.


Precise & Prompt

When a family incident occurred, we needed quick answers and Kevin was beyond prompt in addressing our concerns. More importantly, he put into prospective all the possible scenarios that made our decisions that much easier (no matter how difficult they seem at that moment). If you are looking for a knowledge and possible representation, Kevin will provide the no frills version and waste no time "on the clock" to help his clients achieve a feasible level of satisfaction with the realities that come into play with such complicated matters of custody, divorce and the like. I am truly grateful for his educated advice and efficiency.


Highly recommend Kevin for any of your Legal needs!

I had the opportunity to utilize Kevin Rollins as my Attorney recently. He proved to an excellent Lawyer. He was very personable, professional and available whenever I needed him. I would highly recommend his services if you are looking for a good Attorney!


Very glad I went with my Gut feeling

I'm very glad I went with my gut feeling about choosing Kevin. He is very kind caring about the situation never felt talked over honestly a truly great Attorne


Professional, Honest, Responsive, and Thorough Representation

Family litigation is rarely a pleasant experience; more oft than not, it's an emotional and financial drain. I wanted representation that was honest, professional, and dedicated to my case. I found this with Mr. Rollin. Kevin was a pleasure to work with through these trying times and made the experience as painless as it could be. He truly cared about my case and my family, and I never once felt like a paycheck to him. He responded quickly to all of my correspondence, worked within my budget, and was prepared at every hearing. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone needing Family Law representation. You'll thank yourself afterward. :)


Juris Prudence par excellence

Thorough, well spoken, and very excellent when it comes to reading people. When all was said, he stated that we did not need his services, and suggested several well thought out pieces of advice..all we taken, and the results were very positive. That is a mark of true professionalism. Mr. Rollin is a credit to his profession

John A. Breckenridge

A good hire

Mr. Rollin assisted me with an issue related to my divorce. He explained things to me clearly and was very patient. He is kind, easy to talk to and non-threatening. He got the job done efficiently and without great expense. I was able to reach him when I had questions. I would recommend him.


Kevin handled my case exceptionally well

What happened to me is shocking but true. I own, free and clear, a property that was sold through the Circuit Court for Indian River County, Florida, without any notice. Without getting into too many details, there were a string of mistakes that caused it. Kevin handled my case with exceptional ability. He was able to meet with me on short notice and immediately handled the problem. At our initial meeting, he researched the case and emailed, late on a Friday, a very well-crafted letter to the attorney on the opposing side. The words he chose and the documentation that he provided solved what could have been a very expensive, aggravating and protracted problem. Kevin is a credit to his profession. I am very appreciative for what Kevin did for me.


Very caring, helpful and professional

I can't say enough good things about Kevin. I schedule a consultation with him for divorce. He was clear and concise when explaining everything involved, and made me feel confident he was the right attorney for the job. While retaining his services for divorce, my husband and I decided to work things out. Kevin was nothing but helpful and professional in how he handled this. He offered me advice, names of counselors and wished me well. He is a truly personable and caring. I would recommended him to anyone.


The best around hands down.

Not too long ago I was in need of a family lawyer to help me with my legal situation. After doing my research, contacting many different lawyers, and scheduling multiple "free" consultations only one attorney stood out to me as the man for the job. His name was Kevin Rollin. Immediately upon speaking with Kevin, I could recognize his superior understanding of the legal system, his ability to translate that legal language into something I could understand (which was most important to me), and also his willingness to be patient with me as he walked me through the process. As a result, I was able to follow my case from A to Z without being confused allowing for little to no stress while also achieving an outcome that I could not be happier with. From the moment I walked into Kevin's office, him, and his team was easy to communicate with, transparent, honest, and professional. If you're looking for someone who will take the time to understand your needs and explain all you're options, then I give the highest recommendation I am capable of giving to Kevin Rollin. He will put your best interest first and you will be more than happy you took my recommendation.


Ensured my best interest was taken care of

Kevin was so timely, quick to understand the issues and tidied up some loose ends for me. Spent time and advised me all the way. Follows the law and doesn't stand for nonsense. I'm so thankful for his talent, professionalism and the excellent client care. (We won!)


HOA Homeowner Rights Consultation

I had the pleasure of meeting and consulting with Kevin M. Rollin regarding an community HOA matter. He listened to what I was sharing, asked great questions, made acute observations. His advice and recommendations at the end of this consultations gave us succinct, clear and crystallizing recommendations and guidance in order that we could proceed forward with the matter at hand. Kevin is very well versed in this area of expertise and sincerely and genuinely had placed our best interests before anything else. For this we are extremely grateful we consulted with this truly professional and knowledgeable attorney. I would recommend him highly to anyone who has need of a lawyer like Kevin Rollins.


The fair, caring attorney who works hard to get the best possible legal result.

Kevin Rollin is a terrific lawyer - I've known and worked with Kevin for more than 5 years. Some years ago, I had an issue that I was concerned might turn into a lawsuit. Kevin immediately began to do research - even though there was nothing definitive happening. Sure enough, the problem turned into a legal issue and Kevin was fully prepared. This was a very important family matter with potential long-term, negative consequences. In the end we won and it was because Kevin had done his homework thoroughly and proactively. In what was a more recent issue, I was being treated very unfairly by an organization. I ended up filing a lawsuit. Again, we won. The opposing lawyers were overly aggressive and intimidating. Kevin was strong, firm, and polite. He repeatedly told them we were not going to give in to their unreasonable demands. The organization was large with a lot of resources and high-priced lawyers. Kevin stood firm and, each time the opposing legal counsel asked for something unreasonable, Kevin provided clear, lawful/logical explanations for why we were not going to meet their demands. After a lot of pressure from the opposing legal team, all of which Kevin rebuffed in a very professional way, they dropped their demands and paid. Kevin is an "aggressive" lawyer in that he is not intimidated and will consistently push-back. In this case, Kevin prevailed against lawyers who were using overly aggressive tactics. Finally, I know Kevin to be a good human being who cares about his clients and wants to make sure they are treated fairly. Kevin is incredibly smart, he is very knowledgeable about the law, and he works hard to ensure a good outcome. On top of all that, Kevin is responsive to phone calls and emails, and he charges a fair price for his services. I highly recommend Kevin's services as an attorney.


Great Attorney, experienced and knowledgable

Prior to hiring Kevin I did a little research on the family law attorneys in the area and have had dealings with others previously. I work with a number of attorneys professionally as well. After speaking with him, I instantly knew he was the attorney I wanted to be my counsel. Through his expertise and knowledge, the goal of my case was successful. Kevin and Donna were honest, efficient, knowledgeable, and supportive. They helped keep me focused and comfortable throughout the stressful situation and really pulled for me and represented my son's and my best interests. Having worked with a number of attorneys, he is by far the best attorney in the area I have come across. If you are looking for an attorney, don't take the chance on just anybody, give Kevin's office a call and get it right the first time, he knows what he's doing and he won't waste your time. Thanks again soo much Kevin and Donna!


A fighter who puts your interest first

Kevin represented me through a lengthy and contentious divorce. He advocated patience over expensive litigation with a successful result. He put my interest over running up his fees. He will fight for you without churning you for more costs. He is a straight shooter and I highly recommend him. He was recommended to me by a friend who is well known personal injury attorney. Hiring Kevin and it was the best move I could have made.


Property Issues

I have a property that had some complicated title defects which wasn't found until I was closing on the sale of the property. I engaged Mr. Rollin to cure these defects. The issues were complicated by the involvement of many different parties. Mr. Rollin had to negotiate his fee sharing with other attorneys, navigate the State of Florida's in-house attorneys and deal with other individuals. Mr. Rollin did a great job getting all issues resolved and the property is truly ready to close. I highly recommend Mr. Rollin and his firm.


Thank You!

When I meet with Kevin Rollin, I was hurt and upset because my husband had left me and I had received a divorce decree in the mail. It was a very difficult time in my life. Mr. Rollin was very understanding, kind and considerate. He took the time to hear what I had to say and gave me great guidance and wisdom. I highly recommend this gentleman to everyone seeking someone who is after their best interest. Thank you .... God Bless you and your family!


Great Job

Kevin is very easy to talk and good at explaining how our system all works. He done a very good job for me and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Kevin great job.


Professionalism and caring at its best-that's Kevin Rollin and his team

I never thought after six years of marriage that I would be needing a divorce lawyer. However life can be unpredictable and I had no choice but to go down the divorce path. Kevin Rollin and his team at Napier and Rollin saw me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. They were meticulous in looking after my needs and ensured that my interests were protected at all times. Kevin's professionalism and expertise certainly places him in a league of his own. However while his skill as a lawyer is exceptional, I truly appreciated his kind and thoughtful demeanor. Kevin truly cares about his clients, I've experienced his first hand. Today I can look back at the painful divorce process with a sense of relief. I feel like a definite winner! Thank you Kevin, for all that you have done. As I said to a group of friends recently, "I believe I had the best divorce lawyer ever!"

Ann Marie

Thank You!

Kevin is knowledgeable and caring. He was always looking out for my best interests. He used the Collaborative Divorce process and that process saved me a lot of money and time. The staff in his office is friendly and very responsive. Thanks Kevin for making a difficult time for me a lot less painful!