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Mortgage & Title Insurance Litigation

Mortgage & Title Insurance Litigation

The second phase of the mortgage-foreclosure crisis in Florida is a morass of mortgage and title insurance disputes which require an in-depth knowledge of the nature of mortgages, conveyances, title insurance, and the foreclosure process.

Napier & Rollin is ideally suited to help title insurance companies, mortgage holders, and property owners forge solutions to the unique problems that now arise in aftermath of the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

Both Kevin M. Rollin and Michelle D. Napier have experience in foreclosure litigation and real estate transactions. Kevin has also worked on behalf of banks, private plaintiffs, and title insurers to address a variety of mortgage and title related issues including title issues not directly related to the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

Please allow Napier & Rollin to assist you with the resolution of your mortgage and title insurance related legal matters.